11 April 2012

HRH Campaign for Wool Competition with JIGSAW

HRH Campaign for Wool competition- with Fashion company JIGSAW


Knitted Textiles students visited the prestigious Jigsaw Design Studios in London to meet Lucia Wood as part of the Campaign for Wool - WOOL SCHOOL competition. 

The Campaign for Wool is a body of industry leaders convened by HRH The Prince of Wales to raise awareness of the many natural qualities of wool, encourage consumers to buy more wool and inspire designers and retailers to create and sell more wool rich products, hopeful that the end result will have a positive effect on the global wool industry.

WOOL SCHOOL is a collaboration between Campaign for Wool partner retailers and fashion universities across the United Kingdom. To create special sweaters which are available in store as a limited item, the sale of which starting with Wool Week 2012.

One student will be chosen at the end of the project and their jumper design will be developed, produced and launched in stores to coincide with UK Wool Week: 15th-21st October 2012. 

As a part of the programme retailers will also donate 5% of sales of the garments produced which will go into a central fund and be split evenly as a donation to all universities involved – to encourage fashion design development in the United Kingdom for future years.

Jigsaw is a British company that has been involved in the design, manufacturing and retailing of clothes and accessories for over thirty-five years. The first store opened in Hampstead in 1972 and the company has steadily expanded to currently operate over 50 stores in the UK. In 1996 Jigsaw Junior was established to extend the product range from purely women’s fashion.

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