21 January 2014

Meet our Associate Lecturers: Jim Biddulph

Jim Biddulph teaches second year and third year students on the Surface Design pathway. Jim is a materials expert with a vast knowledge of industrial and hand making processes.

He is the Projects and Materials Manager for Material Lab in London as well as running his own design consultancy from his studio in East London.

Jim's website is www.hereyouarestudio.com

09 January 2014

Meet our Associate Lecturers: Jane Bowler

 Jane Bowler teaches on the first year of the Textiles and Surface Design course.

Jane is a highly successful fashion designer based in London. She is known for her constant exploration and discovery of new and exciting materials, alongside sculptural silhouettes. Bowler’s body of work is driven by her passion for craftsmanship and innovation within textiles and design.

Her collections highlight her passion for transforming everyday materials using unique processes, hand-dyed plastics and heat-forming techniques. Her work challenges the idea of everyday wear, allowing it to stand out on the street without subscribing to uniform.

Jane was recently announced as an 'Emerging Designer' finalist of the renowned annual WGSN Global Fashion Awards 2013.