18 February 2012

The Green Society at Bucks New University

The Green Society was established with the aim of creating awareness of green issues at the university. To help students become more aware of sustainability and green issues that affect our specific chosen subjects; expressing the importance of knowledge of sustainability for our future employability.
We want this society to be seen as another way for students to actively get involved in projects and schemes.
The idea for the society was formed when a number of Textiles Surface Design students created a group called Green Shed in 2010. We soon realised other students were interested in these sorts of issues, so we decided to set up a University wide group. We are all volunteers and meet to discuss and choose projects. 
The Green Society is run by a committee made up of a chair, secretary and treasurer. 
Our future plans are to touch base with international green organisations and get involved in carrying out projects all around the UK. 
Every member has also taken part in Energy Champion training. 
Founding Members, Lauren, Grace, Liza (Chair) and Gavin.
We are currently working on a variety of campaigns that we plan to begin very shortly, these include:
  • Designing and creating a garden for a local festival
  • Involvement with plans with the Woodland Service and High Wycombe and environment centre
  • Moss Graffiti and Gorilla gardening campaigns in different areas of London
  • Competitions such as the “chipshopawards” www.chipshopawards.com
  • Involvement of students at Bucks New Uni, such as volunteering events around the University and an accreditation scheme.

Watch this space for future events. For more information about the society and University initiatives click here

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