19 February 2017

Inspiring Guest Speakers

Over the last two weeks at Bucks we have had a series of inspiring talks from industry, designers and recent alumni of the course. These have introduced students to new approaches to work, such as designer Aimee Betts http://www.aimeebetts.com/ who came and shared her approach to design, the way she works and some of the recent projects she has worked on.

We had visits from 3 recent alumni who shared their experiences so far. Their perspective of the real design world and advice for current students.
Emma Kendall and Sheroze Iqbal were both printed textile students at Bucks and graduated 2016. And Jenny Collicott graduated several years ago.

Another of our speakers was Katie Dominy founder of  Arts Thread. Sharing her knowledge and background. Many of our students use artsthread throughout their time at university as a great platform for online portfolios accessible by industry. Take a look at some of them here. https://www.artsthread.com/school/bucksnewuniversity/

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