02 March 2013

Nadfas Lecture 2013

As part of Careers Week 2013 three guest speakers were invited to talk to about their experience of working in industry. 

The afternoon lecture is sponsored by NADFAS. Students from across the course welcomed:

Giles Miller, surface and interiors designer

Recent clients include British Airways, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, The World Architecture Festival, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Selfridges, Stella McCartney, The Metropolitan Hotel, London Design Museum and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office amongst others.

Kit Miles, printed textiles designer
Copyright Kit MIles

Kit Miles studio embarks on a range of products in the interiors industry from private wallpaper commissions to large-scale bespoke projects. The studio composes the printed image through the use of hand drawn adjacent to an intelligent use of digital design.

Sian-Kate Mooney, fashion sculptor

Sian-Kate Mooney trained as a Fashion Designer, and is the founder and designer of Grab&Mac fashion label. Sian has shown her collections at London Fashion Week, Trannoi in Paris and ‘British Hotwave’ in Tokyo in 1998 and 1999. Her client base in Tokyo was extensive including Isetan, Barney’s and Agosto.

Her current creative practice extends beyond the body, exploring the boundaries of the silhouette in the creation of sculptural forms that are no longer restrained by the conventions of traditional notions of fashion.

This is the seventh year that NADFAS have sponsored the event. 
Thank you for your continuing support.

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