17 October 2012

Hannah Simpson, JIGSAW and the WOOL SCHOOL Project

Hannah Simpson (Knit 2012) e-mailed us this week to update us on her great success in the Jigsaw/ Wool School 2012 competition. Many congratulations!

Hannah's collection of beautifully hand knitted swatches were selected by JIGSAW designers and put into production over the summer. Her work was shown in The TImes newspaper last week.

Please see the April post below to learn more about the Competition. Fiona Ross, Leader of the Knitted Textiles Pathway said how much they had enjoyed working with the Jigsaw Design Team and the Wool School during the competition.

Hannah writes - 'If you would like to view any.. (of the press releases) just Google- Hannah Simpson Wool School. My most resent is on the Jigsaw Blog and a feature in Country and Town House Magazine. I attended the press event last week, The launch Party was last night. It was the most amazing experience ever. I was talking to manufactures from Australia, members of the The British Wool Marketing Board and so many other members that are all involved in the process and the manufacturing of wool, that work with designers to keep the supplier chain going. It was such a great opportunity to interact and expand my contacts.'

Wool School Winners
Hannah at the Launch Event

To see Hannah's work on line and more information about the Wool School, Hannah has sent the following web links:

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